Study voucher

Government plans

The new government wants to help out students who have not received a basic grant these past years. They will get to choose between a discount on their study loan or a study voucher. However, nothing is definite yet. As soon as we have more information, you can read about it here.

Did you receive student finance for a bachelor programme for the 1st time in the period September 2015 up to August 2019? And did the loan system apply to you? Then you will receive a study voucher for further education when you graduate. You can use it for further higher education in the Netherlands or abroad.

What is the study voucher?

The study voucher is a credit for a new education programme. The amount of the voucher is adjusted every year. The amounts are listed in the table.

Year Amount
2023 €2,207.88
2022 €2,150.25
2021 €2,123.28
2020 €2,068.87


You are entitled to the voucher if you meet the following conditions:

  • You first received student finance for an HBO or university bachelor programme in the period September 2015 to August 2019.
  • You have obtained an HBO diploma or full university diploma (Bachelor + Master).
  • You graduated within 10 years, calculated from your first month of student finance for HBO or university.

When to use your study voucher

You can use the voucher from to 5th to the 9th study year after your diploma has been registered. After your diploma has been registered with DUO, you will receive a letter. The letter says from what study year you can use the voucher. Or you can check the schedule.

Schedule for using study voucher
Diploma registered in study year: Voucher to be used in study years:
2015-2016 2020-2021 up to and including 2024-2025
2016-2017 2021-2022 up to and including 2025-2026
2017-2018 2022-2023 up to and including 2026-2027
2018-2019 2023-2024 up to and including 2027-2028
2019-2020 2024-2025 up to and including 2028-2029
2020-2021 2025-2026 up to and including 2029-2030
2021-2022 2026-2027 up to and including 2030-2031
2022-2023 2027-2028 up to and including 2031-2032
2023-2024 2028-2029 up to and including 2032-2033
2024-2025 2029-2030 up to and including 2033-2034
2025-2026 2030-2031 up to and including 2034-2035
2026-2027 2031-2032 up to and including 2035-2036
2027-2028 2032-2033 up to and including 2036-2037
2028-2029 2033-2034 up to and including 2037-2038

For which programmes

You can only use your voucher for an accredited programme in higher education (full time, part time, dual or modular). This can also be a recognized programme abroad.

Using your study voucher

Did you receive a notice that you can use your study voucher from the study year 2020-2021, 2021-2022, or 2022-2023? If so, you can put in a request to use your study voucher. You can do so by using the Verzoek inzetten studievoucher form. 

Why a study voucher?

By introducing the new system of study finance, the government aims to invest even more into the quality of higher education. The 1st group of students under this loan system does not yet fully benefit from this investment. The study voucher is intended to meet the needs of this group.