The student travel product is part of student finance. It enables you to travel by Dutch public transport for free or at a reduced rate. You can choose a weekday product or a weekend product.

Coronavirus: extra travel months for HBO and university

Because of the coronavirus measures, students at HBO and university will receive 12 extra travel months.

Gift or loan

Your student travel product is a loan of €104.22 per month in 2022. Only if you graduate within 10 years, the travel product will be converted into a gift. For this reason you can also choose not to collect it from a pick-up device.

Weekday or weekend

You can choose either a weekday subscription or a weekend subscription. It is possible to switch subscriptions later on.

Validity per product

When exactly can you travel for free, and when at a reduced rate? And what happens on public holidays? In the overview with travel days you find the validity of both products.

First use

You can start using your travel product from the date you are entitled to student finance.


If you are no longer entitled to a student travel product, you must cancel it yourself at a pick-up device. This will not happen automatically. If you don’t cancel your student travel product in time and keep using it, you will be fined up to €317.14 per month in 2022 (€313.16 in 2021).