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Logging in to Mijn DUO

Log in with DigiD

On the DigiD login screen, you can choose your login method. You need the DigiD app or DigiD with a verification via SMS.

Log in to Mijn DUOwith DigiD


You need a 'burgerservicenummer' (BSN) to log in.


Logging in outside the Netherlands

Digid app

With DigiD you can also log in outside the Netherlands. Before you leave the Netherlands, make sure to install and activate Link opent externe pagina the DigiD app.

Are you changing your mobile telephone number? Then also change your phone number in Mijn DigiD Link opent externe pagina . Are you currently living abroad and do you not have a working DigiD app? Check the digid site Link opent externe pagina for other options.

Applying for a DigiD from abroad or the Carribean

Do you live outside the Netherlands or in the Carribean? Then you can also apply for a DigiD. You must meet a number of conditions. For more information, visit Applying for a DigiD from abroad.

Logging in with European digital identity

EU citizens can use their European digital identity and their BSN to log in. This makes a DigiD superfluous. Find out which countries enable the European digital identity Link opent externe pagina . Don't have a BSN? You'll receive one when you register in the Non-residents Records Database Link opent externe pagina (RNI).


Is it not possible for you to log in to Mijn DUO? Then use a form to make an application or notify us of a change. The processing time of a form is longer than a digital application.

Messages by post

Are you currently receiving your notifications from DUO digitally, but are you no longer able to log in to Mijn DUO? Then send us an email if you would like to receive your messages by post again. Please state your BSN, full name and date of birth.

Login problems

How does logging in work?

In order to log in you will need a DigiD Link opent externe pagina . You can also apply for a DigiD from abroad or the Carribean.

You forgot your DigiD password of username

Did you forget your DigiD username or password? DigiD will help you Link opent externe pagina.

Try this direct link to open Mijn DUO:

Cookies or a different browser

Clear your cookies or try a different browser.

Private mode

Are you using Safari on an iPhone or iPad? Make sure you turn off private browsing. With other browsers DUO usually works best if you enable private browsing.

Update your operating system.

To log in with your DigiD, your device needs to run on at least one of the following operating systems:

For your PC:

  • Windows 7 / 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • OSX 10.9.4 or higher
For your mobile device:
  • iOS 7 or higher
  • Android 6 or higher

“Not secure” notification

Is your browser showing a notification that your certificate has expired? Then the certificates ‘domein’ and ‘intermediair G3’ have not been updated automatically on your device. Go to Link opent externe pagina to download and install the following certificates:

  • Staat der Nederlanden Organisatie Services CA - G3
  • KPN BV PKIOverheid Organisatie Server CA - G3

European digital identity

If you cannot log in with your European digital identity, please contact the organisation that issued your digital identity.

Use a safe browser

DUO advises you not to use Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome, Firefox or Edge. These browsers are safer and less likely to cause problems while using Mijn DUO.