It takes some time to arrange a student travel product. Therefore do not wait too long to apply.

What do you need?

Applying for the student travel product

  1. First apply for student finance. If you apply for student finance, you automatically apply for the student travel product as well. If you do not want to take out a loan, you can indicate this during your application.
  2. Wait for the Link opent externe pagina welcome email. You will receive this email 6 weeks before your student travel product comes into effect. If you are late in applying, you will receive the email within 1 week after your application is granted.
  3. Link your student travel product to your personal OV-chipkaart Link opent externe pagina . We call this 'koppelen'. The procedure will be explained in the welcome email.
  4. Go to a pick-up device Link opent externe pagina to upload the student travel product onto your OV-chipkaart. Check Mijn DUO to see when you can pick up the student travel product at a pick-up device.

Have you not received the welcome letter? will help you Link opent externe pagina  (in Dutch only).

Studying at MBO level

If you are studying at MBO level, you have to be 18 for student finance. Are you younger than 18? Then it is possible to apply for the student travel product separately via Mijn DUO.