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Repaying your student loan

First instalment after 2 years

You always have to pay back the student loan. If you do not gain a diploma or degree certificate within 10 years, you will also have to repay your grant and student travel product.

When to repay

The repayment period for your student debt starts on 1 January following the expiration of your right to a student grant. First you have a preliminary phase, lasting 2 years. During that time you are not required to make repayments, although it is possible. The repayment phase starts after the preliminary phase. During this phase you have to repay your debt. The repayment phase is up to 15 years, or 35 years if the new student finance system applies to you.
Interest is charged during both the preliminary phase and the repayment phase.

Monthly instalments

DUO will calculate a relevant monthly instalment which should enable you to repay the loan in full within 15 years. The monthly instalment depends on the amount of student debt you owe and the interest. The minimum amount is € 45.41 a month.

Monthly instalment too high

If you have difficulty paying the monthly instalment DUO has set for you, you can submit a request to have it reduced. We will then use your income from 2 years ago to calculate how much you can afford to repay. Or you can ask DUO to temporarily stop collecting your student debt (for a maximum of 5 years).


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