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Particulier Student debt Received too much

Received too much

Pay back now or later

DUO checks the details of everyone who receives student finance. If it turns out that you have received too much student finance, you will run up a debt. If you are still receiving student finance, we will deduct this debt from your monthly payments.

Paying in one go

If we are not able to deduct your debt from your student finance payments, you will be sent a payment request. You can then repay the amount in one go. This is the cheapest option because no interest is charged.

Paying in instalments

If you do not pay before the due date of the payment request, the debt will be converted into an interest-bearing loan. Interest will then be charged from the first day of the month of the due date of the payment request. You must start paying back the loan in instalments about 2 years after finishing your studies. You will receive notification in due course.

Student travel product debt

Did you build up a debt for your student travel product while still receiving student finance? You must repay this debt in one go, or request a repayment arrangement.

Checks by DUO

DUO performs checks to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to. You always have to pay back wrongfully received student finance. Therefore immediately submit changes in your situation through Mijn DUO.


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