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Particulier Student debt You have gained your diploma

You have gained your diploma

Conversion into gift

If you gain your diploma for higher professional education (HBO) or university within 10 years, your student travel product and additional grant will be converted into a gift. How much is converted into a gift, depends on the level of your diploma or degree certificate.

When is it converted into a gift?

The conversion takes place in January of the year after you gained your diploma or degree certificate. We will inform you about the conversion at the end of that month.

Basic grant

Did you receive a basic grant? This will also be converted into a gift.

What do you have to do?

  • Most schools and universities in the Netherlands automatically inform us when you gain your diploma or degree certificate. You do not have to do this yourself.
  • We automatically convert into a gift if you gained an HBO diploma or a Master’s degree. Do you want your grant to be converted into a gift on the basis of a Bachelor’s or an Associate degree? Then you have to contact us.
  • Have you stopped studying? Do not forget to stop your student finance too.

Results gained outside the Netherlands

Have you gained a diploma or degree certificate outside the Netherlands? Send a copy of it to DUO as soon as possible. The copy must be stamped and certified by the educational institution as being a true copy of the original document.

You can send your foreign diploma to:

Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs
Verzoek omzetting prestatiebeurs
Zuid 17
P.O. Box 50021
9702 BA Groningen
The Netherlands

Do not forget to sign your letter and to state your citizen service number ('BSN').

Voucher for a continued education programme

Did you receive a study grant for the 1st time under the new system of study financing? Then once you have graduated, you will be given a study voucher for continued education. This "credit voucher" amounts to approximately € 2,000. You will be able to use the credit for 5 to 10 years after graduation.

You are eligible for the voucher if you meet the following criteria:

  • You received a study grant for the first time between the 2015/16 and 2018/19 academic years.
  • You obtained a Bachelor’s degree for higher vocational education (HBO), or a Bachelor’s + Master’s degree for university education.
  • You graduated within 10 years, counting from the 1st month you received student finance for HBO or university.

Why a study voucher?
The study voucher is part of the new system of study financing, in which the revenue generated by the new system will be invested in improving the quality of higher education. The first group of students in the new system will not yet be able to benefit optimally from this investment. The study voucher is therefore intended as compensation for this group.


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