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Change of address

Register at the municipality

When moving house, you must register under your new address at the municipality. The municipality will notify DUO of your new address.

What do you have to do?

  • Register under your new address at the municipality.
  • Do this at the latest on the day you move.

No longer living with your parents, or moving back?

Are you no longer living with your parents, or are you moving back to your parents’’ home? Your living situation only affects your student finance if you still receive a basic grant. If that is the case, then you must notify DUO that you have changed your living situation.
Log in to Mijn DUO. Then go to 'Mijn producten' and choose 'Studiefinanciering'. Click on 'Wijzig' behind 'Woonsituatie'. De rest is a matter of course.

Change of address outside the Netherlands

Are you leaving the Netherlands for at least 8 months? Then you have to deregister from the municipality in the Netherlands. Make sure DUO always has your current address and contact details, so you won’t miss any important post. You can report your change of address via Mijn DUO.

Checks by DUO

DUO performs checks to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to. You always have to pay back wrongfully received student finance. Therefore immediately submit changes in your situation through Mijn DUO.


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