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Particulier Objections


How does the objections procedure work?

A notice of objection is a letter in which you set out the reasons for your objection.

Compulsory components of a notice of objection

  • The date
  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • Your Citizen Service Number (BSN)
  • The decision to which you are objecting (please enclose a photocopy)
  • Your signature
  • The reason(s) for your objection

We have drawn up a number of standard notices of objection (in Dutch only).

Who can lodge an objection?

You must lodge your objection yourself, but you may authorize someone else to do this on your behalf. In this case, please enclose an authorization form with your notice of objection. You can use the standard form below (in Dutch only).

Submission deadline

Please submit your notice of objection within 6 weeks of the date stated on the letter or notification you are objecting to. The submission deadline for ballot-related objections is two weeks.

Submission deadline missed

If you submit your notice of objection after the submission deadline without a valid reason, DUO will not process it and the decision will remain unchanged.

How to submit

Please send your notice of objection to:

Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs
afdeling Bezwaar en Beroep
P.O. Box 50081
9702 EA Groningen
The Netherlands

Or fax it to: +31 50 599 86 74.

No objections can be lodged against requests, against demands for payment or against writs of execution.


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