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Particulier Submitting a form

Submitting a form

An address on each form

Mijn DUO enables you to arrange a lot of things online. However, you may sometimes have to print, complete, sign and post a hard-copy form – for example if you are abroad or have no Internet connection, or if you prefer the paper format for other reasons. Bear in mind that the response time will be longer than when you make a request or report a change online.

Return adress

Each form has a return address printed in the top right-hand corner. Please use this address to make sure that your request or change report arrives at the right place and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.

General adress

DUO's general postal address is:

DUO Onderwijsvolgers
P.O. Box 50103
9702 GC Groningen
The Netherlands

Specific addresses

Specific addresses should be used for matters related to ballots and degree certificates.

To report matters related to a degree programme with a ballot: DUO
Afdeling CBAP / Loting
Antwoordnummer 507
9700 WB Groningen
The Netherlands
To submit documentary evidence for a degree programme with a ballot: DUO
Int. Antwoordnummer
I.B.R.S. / C.C.R.I. Numéro 507
9700 WB Groningen

To have a Dutch degree certificate legalized:

To have a foreign degree recognized in the Netherlands:

Afdeling Diploma-erkenning en Legalisatie
P.O. Box 30157
9700 L J Groningen
The Netherlands

If you have lost your degree certificate:

If you have a question about the diploma register:

Afdeling Examendiensten
P.O. Box 30158
9700 LK Groningen
The Netherlands


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