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Changes student finance

Illustratie portemonnee met symbool vinkje erop en wat muntgeld eromheen.

What changes for me?

In addition to the introduction of the basic grant in higher education, more will change. Also for students in secondary vocational education (MBO). Fill in the tool (in Dutch) and see what changes for you.

Laughing boy in student room leans on four stacked blocks. There is a word on each block. From bottom to top, these are the words basic grant, supplementary grant, student travel product and loan.

Basic grant for higher education

The basic grant is now also available for HBO and university. Apply for it in Mijn DUO before 1 September. Then you will receive your 1st payment on 22 September.

The changes

Changes in brief

A short summary of the changesĀ 

Basic grant reinstated (HBO and uni)

Amounts and conditions for the reinstated basic grant for HBO and university

Purchasing power compensation (VO, MBO, HBO and uni)

Additional money for students and pupils living away from home in 2023-2024

Supplementary grant (HBO and uni)

A supplementary grant, also with higher parental income. Only applies to higher professional and university education.

Compensation for lack of basic grant (HBO and uni)

For students in higher professional and university education, who fell under the student loan system and therefore did not receive a basic grant

Money instead of study voucher (HBO and uni)

The first student loan system group will be given money instead of a study voucher

Change for students with disability (HBO and uni)

1 year longer a basic grant for disabled students in higher professional or university education

Additional earnings threshold abolished (MBO)

No cap on earnings to supplement a student grant

35 years to repay student debt (MBO)

Students in secondary vocational education will also be able to repay their student debt in 35 years

Trying for an HBO programme after MBO degree (MBO)

Withdrawing from higher professional education programme within 1 year, without having to repay grant or student travel product