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Stopping your student finance

Graduated, withdrew or switched

Did you leave or complete your programme, or switch to a programme that does not entitle you to student finance? Then you need to stop your student finance or your grant for students in secondary education.

Enter your details in the programme update assistant. It will only take a minute to find out what you need to do.

Programme update assistantProgramme update assistant

No restarting your student finance after 30

You cannot restart your student finance after the age of 30. Take this into consideration when stopping your student finance.

Save up and use later

You can save up your student finance and your entitlement to the student travel product to use it at a later time. If you stop your student finance, you need to stop your student travel product as well, and the other way around.

  • You need to stop all components of your student finance.
  • You use up your student finance and entitlement to the travel product within 10 years after getting student finance for the first time.
  • You restart your student finance before you turn 30. You can’t restart your student finance after that.

Login to Mijn DUO and stop your student finance in time.

Did not start the programme

Have you applied for student finance but decided not to take the programme?

  • Stop your student finance immediately in Mijn DUO. If you do this too late, you will need to repay any student finance you receive.
  • If you already collected your student travel product, also cancel this immediately at a pick-up device.

If you enrolled in HBO (higher vocational education) or university, please go to Link opent externe pagina to disenroll.

Stopping your student finance in time

Stop your student finance no later than on the 1st day of the 1st month you are no longer eligible. After the 1st day of the month, you can only stop your student finance as of the following month.

For example, you are no longer eligible for student finance as of March. Then you have to stop your student finance on 1 March at the latest. If you log in to Mijn DUO any later you'll only be able to stop it as of April.

Withdrawing during your 1st year

If you withdraw during the 1st year you receive student finance, you may not have to repay your grant and travel product. Go to Withdrawing during your 1st year for more information.