Reduced monthly instalments

When calculating your monthly instalments, DUO usually automatically takes your income into account. This can mean that you pay less. Your payments could even be reduced to zero. Sometimes, however, you have to request a reduction yourself.

When do you need to request a reduction?

Whether you need to apply for a reduction yourself depends upon what repayment rules apply to you.

Only if the SF15-old rules apply, we do not automatically look at your income. In that case you have to request a reduction yourself. You have to do this only once. After that, we will receive your income every year from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, if available. Use the calculation tool (in Dutch only) to see whether you may be entitled to lower monthly instalments.

If you’re covered by more recent rules, we already take your income into account.

Which income?

We look at your income from 2 years ago (including your partner’s, if you have one). We obtain this information from the tax authorities.

Your partner’s income

If you have a partner, their income also counts in our calculations unless you are covered by the SF15-old repayment rules. In that case you can choose whether or not to include their income. For each year that you don’t include it, your repayment phase is extended by one year.

Falling income

If your income (including your partner’s, if relevant) has fallen in the past 2 years, you can ask us to look at a more recent year. We call this changing the reference year.

Updating your partner details

Do you have a new partner, or did you break up with your partner? This may affect your monthly instalments. Use the Personal details update assistant and find out what you need to do.

Income is incorrect

Is the income the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration provided incorrect? Contact the Tax and Customs Administration Link opent externe pagina first. If your income is indeed incorrect, you can send us an income statement (IB60) from the Tax and Customs Administration, stating the correct income:

Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs
T.a.v. de afdeling Klantenservice
Postbus 50021

Apply in Mijn DUO

Only if the SF15-old repayment rules apply, you need to apply for a reduction in your monthly instalments. You can do this this in Mijn DUO. We then request details of your income from the tax authorities.

If you are subject to more recent repayment rules, you do not need to request a reduction yourself. We take your income into account automatically when calculating your instalments.

Log in to Mijn DUOwith DigiD

Deferred tax returns

If you have not filed a tax return because you have been granted a deferral, you should provide us with an estimate of your income from 2 years ago so that we can calculate your monthly instalment. If the actual income recorded once you have filed your tax return differs from this, we will recalculate that amount.

If you are not required to file tax returns, you can tell us the taxable salary shown on your annual tax assessment from 2 years ago.

Applications from abroad

Even outside the Netherlands, you can log into Mijn DUO with your DigiD. If you have a non-Dutch income, you must upload proof of how much you earned with your application.

If you are unable to log in, please use the form Income statement for a request for a lower monthly instalment.

Applications from the Dutch Caribbean

You need to apply for reduced monthly instalments yourself each year. Ask DUO to take your income into account and inform us about your income. You can do so in Mijn DUO, or you can use a digital form.

Even outside the Netherlands and from the Dutch Caribbean, you can log in to Mijn DUO with your DigiD. If you are a Dutch citizen living in Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten of Bonaire, you can request a DigiD online (link in Dutch).

If you are unable to log in, please use a form Opgave inkomen verzoek verlagen maandbedrag voor inwoners van het Caribisch gebied. Enclose with this a completed Machtiging verklaring inkomstenbelasting.

Login problems

Do you live in the Netherlands, but are you unable to log in to Mijn DUO? Please use the form Income statement for a request for a lower monthly instalment. The form does take longer to process, up to 8 weeks.

Starting date

If you apply for reduced monthly instalments before 1 January of the year in question, if granted they take effect from 1 January. If you apply during the course of the year, they take effect from the calendar month immediately following the date of your application.

Automatic renewal

The calculation used to set your reduced monthly instalment is valid for 1 calendar year. After that year we automatically request details of your income from the relevant authorities. You do not have to take any further action.

Sometimes we don’t receive any details of your income from the Tax and Customs Administration. If so, you will have to provide information about your income yourself. We will send you a notice about this. It is important you respond in time. If you fail to do so, we will not process your request for reduced monthly instalments any further. You will then need to apply for a reduction of your monthly instalments again through Mijn DUO.

No deferred payments

Requesting reduced monthly instalments does not entitle you to defer any payments you already owe. Unless and until you receive notification confirming that your request has been accepted, you must continue to pay the amount previously set. If we do reduce your instalments with retrospective effect, we will automatically refund the amount you have overpaid.