Discount on course and tuition fees

Are you studying at VAVO (secondary education for adults), MBO, HBO or university? Then you can get a discount of 50% on your course or tuition fees.

The Eerste Kamer, part of Dutch parliament, will vote on this in May 2021. So this measure is not yet definite.


You are enrolled on a programme in the Netherlands.


The table states how much you are due to pay.

You are due to pay
HBO and university
All first year students €542
Second year students at a teacher course €542
Other students €1,084
Students paying institutional fees Amount tuition fees minus €1,084
MBO BOL all levels €608
MBO BBL level 1 and 2 Amount course fees minus €126.50
MBO BBL level 3 and 4 Amount course fees minus €306
VAVO full-time €608
VAVO part-time €0.39 per 45 minutes of education
Why is there no discount for the academic year 2020-2021?

Students who experienced study delay in the academic year 2020-2021, have been compensated through other measures. For example the compensation for extra costs. You can get this compensation if you obtain your diploma in 2020-2021.

Student finance

The discount doesn't affect the amount of your grant or loan. However, it does affect the tuition fees loan. Because you are due to pay lower tuition fees, the maximum amount of tuition fees loan is lower as well.