Naar Studying in the Netherlands

Enrolling at school or university

Enrolling at MBO

If you are going to study at MBO (secondary vocational education), contact the school to arrange your enrolment. Enrol before 1 April.

Some programmes set additional requirements before you can be admitted. For instance dance programmes or sports programmes. Check the programme’s website for more information.

Enrolling at HBO or university

If you are you going to study at HBO (higher vocational education) or university, apply for a DigiD with SMS-authentication Link opent externe pagina . You will receive an activation code within 3 working days. Then go to Link opent externe pagina to enrol in your programme. Do this by 1 May at the latest.

Applying for a programme with restricted intake

Some programmes at HBO and university have a limited number of places ('fixusopleiding').

  • You need to apply for a programme with restricted intake no later than 15 January before the start of the academic year.
  • For each year of studies you can apply for a maximum of 2 restricted-intake programmes. This can be the same programme at 2 different educational institutions. However, for medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy and dental hygiene programmes you may only select 1 educational institution.
  • If you are selected, you must accept your place within 2 weeks via Link opent externe pagina Otherwise, your place offer will be cancelled.
  • Do you wish to take part in the selection procedure while you are not in the Netherlands? Then contact the educational institution to find out what you need to do.

Check if you are eligible for student finance

Don’t forget to check if you are entitled to student finance. You may be eligible for a student grant or loan, even if you are not a Dutch citizen. If you already receive student finance and are changing programmes, check the programme update assistant what to do.