If you have any questions about your tuition fees, please contact your educational institution.

2 types of tuition fees

Are you enrolling at university or HBO (higher professional education)? Then you’ll be charged tuition fees. You need to pay these to the university or HBO institution. There are 2 types of tuition fees: statutory and institutional.

Statutory tuition fees

Most students pay statutory tuition fees, which are determined each year by the government. In the 2023-2024 academic year, the statutory tuition fees are €2.314. In the 2024-2025 academic year, the statutory tuition fees are €2.530,-.

Students starting on a Bachelor’s or Associate degree programme for the 1st time in the academic years 2018-2019 up to and including 2023-2024, pay half of the statutory tuition fees during their 1st year of enrolment. For students in teacher training programmes, this reduction even applies for 2 years. For further information, see Link opent externe pagina .

Institutional tuition fees

Some HBO institutions and universities, for instance private institutions, determine their own tuition fees. Students enrolled at these institutions pay the institutional tuition fees. These tend to be higher than the statutory tuition fees.

Which type of tuition fees do I pay?

Statutory tuition fees

If you meet the following 3 criteria, you’ll pay the statutory tuition fees:

  • You are enrolled in a at HBO or university.
  • You do not yet hold a government-funded Bachelor’s degree when enrolling in an other government-funded Bachelor’s programme. Or you do not yet hold a government-funded Master’s degree when enrolling in an other government-funded Master’s programme.
  • You have the Dutch nationality or are a national of another EU/EEA country Link opent externe pagina , Switzerland or Suriname. Or you hold 1 of the following Dutch residence permits:
    • type 'EU/EER'
    • type 'familielid EU/EER'.
    • type 'Article 50 EU'
    • British national with a residence permit 28, 29, 40 or 30 (the latter temporarily until October 1, 2021)
    • type II, III, IV of V
    • type I stating 'Europese Blauwe Kaart'
    • type I stating 'Onderzoek in de zin van richtlijn (EU) 2016/801'
    • type I which entitles you to student finance.

Institutional tuition fees

If you do not meet all of the criteria for paying the statutory tuition fees, you will be charged the institutional tuition fees. Exceptions apply in 2 cases:

  • You already hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree but are enrolling in a degree programme in a healthcare or education field for the 1st time. Your institution can tell you if the programme qualifies.
  • You started a 2nd degree programme while still enrolled in the 1st, and are pursuing this 2nd programme without interruption.
Additional courses or 2nd degree

As a Bachelor’s or Master’s student, you’re free to take courses in degree programmes outside your own or to pursue a full 2nd degree at the same time. Provided you hold no degree yet, you will only be charged the statutory tuition fees for your 1st Bachelor’s or Master’s enrolment.

Tuition fees loan

Are you receiving student finance? Then you can take out an additional loan to cover your tuition fees, called a tuition fee loan (‘collegegeldkrediet’). The loan amount depends on the type of tuition fees you pay.

  • Are you paying the statutory tuition fees? Then you can borrow 1/12 of the total tuition fees per month.
  • Are you paying more than the statutory tuition fees? Then you can borrow a higher amount per month, depending on the amount of your institutional tuition fees. You can never borrow more than 5 times the statutory tuition fees. In 2023-2024, the maximum is €964.17 per month.In 2024-2025, the maximum is €1.054,17 per month.
Document showing amount institutional tuition fees

Do you want to take out a loan for your institutional tuition fees? Then you have to prove that you’re paying higher tuition fees. With your request in Mijn DUO, you have to upload a document that shows how much tuition fees you pay.

If you don't have such document yet, we will send you a request for it.

Lifelong learning credit

If you do not qualify for student finance, you may still be eligible for lifelong learning credit. This is another type of loan to cover tuition fees.

Refund tuition fees

If you stop your studies, any refunds will be made through the institution.