Naar Funding for school and studies

Old student finance system higher education

Student finance for secondary professional education (HBO) or university is different for students who started their studies under the old student finance system. The old system of student finance consists of 5 components:

The basic grant and the student travel product are available to everybody. You will need to submit an extra application in order to also receive a supplementary grant, a loan, or a tuition fee loan.

Living on your own or at home

Within the old system, the amount of student finance you receive depends on whether or not you live with your parents. We call this your ‘living situation’. If you are no longer living with your parents, your grant will be higher. We review your living situation on the 1st of the month.

You are entitled to the higher grant if you are not registered at your parents' address. For instance because you renting a room or living with relatives.

Checking your living situation

If you are receiving a grant for living away from home, DUO will check if you are indeed living on your own. Therefore make sure you are registered with the municipality at the right address. If you are still living with your parents but have applied for a higher grant than you are entitled to, we will discontinue your grant. You will be required to repay what you have received in excess.

Registering at municipality not possible

If you have a valid reason why registering at your new address with the municipality is not possible, then you can apply for an exception via Mijn DUO. We will then determine whether you are still entitled to the grant for students living away from home.

What do you have to do?

  1. Log in to Mijn DUO.
  2. Go to ‘Mijn producten’ and click on ‘Studiefinanciering’.
  3. Go to ‘Privésituatie’.
  4. Click on ‘Uitzondering aanvragen’ under ‘Uitzondering inschrijving gemeente’.
  5. Choose the situation that applies to you.

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Amount of student finance September to December 2022
* If you receive a lower supplementary grant, or none at all, you can borrow to make up the difference.
Basic grant € 312.52 € 112.25
Supplementary grant € 299.28 € 275.86
Regular loan * € 321.07 € 321.07
Tuition fee loan € 184.08 € 184.08
Total € 1,023.20 € 893.26

Living on your own Living at home
Amounts per month if you only qualify for a loan
Regular loan € 1.001.49
Tuition fee loan €  184.08

Duration of student finance

For a 4-year degree programme you are entitled to 7 years of student finance. You are only entitled to a basic grant and supplementary for the first 4 years. After that you can still borrow for another 3 years. You get a student travel product for the first 5 years.

For courses that officially take more than 4 years, you can get student finance and a student travel product longer. This also applies to certain master’s degree courses and teacher training courses.

Use up within 10 years

You have 10 years to use up your student finance, starting from the 1st month of receiving student finance. After those 10 years you will no longer be entitled to any leftover months of student finance.

Gift or loan

The basic grant, the supplementary grant and the student travel product can be converted into a gift. For this to happen, you have to graduate within 10 years, starting from the 1st month of receiving student finance. You always have to pay back the regular loan and the tuition fee loan.

How many years a gift?

The student travel will be converted into a gift completely. How many years of basic and supplementary grant will be converted into a gift, depends on the value of your diploma.

Diploma Number of years converted into a gift
Associate degree 2 years
Bachelor's degree university of applied sciences
4 years
Bachelor's degree university
3 years
Bachelor's degree university + 1-year Master's degree
4 years
Bachelor's degree university + 2-year Master's degree
5 years

Diploma part-time course
Was your graduate degree programme part-time? Then your grant can also be converted into a gift. Your diploma for the part-time course must be of the same value as the diploma for the full-time course.

No diploma

If you fail to graduate, you have to pay back everything. There is 1 exception: did you receive a supplementary grant in your first 5 months of student finance? Then you can keep those 5 months of supplementary grant, even in the event that you do not graduate.

Additional earnings

If you fall within the old student finance system, you are not allowed to earn an unlimited amount of additional income. Otherwise you will have to repay the student finance received. This also applies if you only have the student travel product.