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Hardship clause

DUO may deviate from the law in exceptional situations. This is allowed only if:

  • application of the law causes you serious and unreasonable difficulties, and
  • these difficulties are not the intention of the law.

We call this power available to DUO the ‘hardship clause’.

What the hardship clause is not intended for

You cannot rely on the hardship clause in the following situations:

Invoking the hardship clause

Are you being unfairly disadvantaged by a law enforced by DUO? Then you can ask us to apply the hardship clause. In that case, you will be asking DUO to deviate from the provisions of the law.

  1. Write a letter describing your situation as clearly as possible. And why you feel the law is unfair in your case.
  2. Send your request to:

    PO Box 30155
    9700 LG Groningen

What happens next

You will receive a response from DUO within 8 weeks.