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Description of your Dutch diploma

A diploma description is an explanation of a specific school type and is issued in your name. It also states which diploma you have been awarded and in which subjects you took examinations. A description does not describe the content of the subjects you took.

You can request a statement for the types of education LBO, VBO, VMBO, MAVO, HAVO, VWO, MULO, HBS and MMS. The statement is only available in Dutch.

How to apply

  1. To apply for a diploma description, please fill in the application form below.
  2. Submit the form along with the required evidence.

You will receive the description within 2 weeks after we receive your payment.


A diploma description costs € 57. After receiving your application we will send you an e-mail about the payment.


Please contact the Diploma Services department if you have any questions. You can call us on weekdays from 9 am to 12 noon on +31 50 599 77 78. Or send an email to