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Extract of your diploma

'Mijn diploma's' contains diploma information for most Dutch degree programmes recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Download a free digital extract if your employer or school asks for proof of your diploma.

Is my diploma available?

Have you obtained a new diploma? Depending on your degree programme, it may take between 2 and 8 weeks before your diploma is uploaded.

The following types of education and years are available in Mijn diploma's:

Type of education At a government funded institution from At a private institution from
* Government-funded, religious programmes at university from 2010
University 1996 * 2018
Higher vocational education (HBO) 1996 2018
Secondary vocational education (MBO) 2007 2012
Secondary education 2006 2012
Secondary education for adults (VAVO) 2007 2012
Secondary special education (VSO) 2013 does not apply
School diploma PRO/VSO 2023 does not apply
Secondary education state exam 2011 does not apply
Secondary special education (VSO) state exam 2011 does not apply
Dutch as a 2nd language (Nt2) state exam 2011 does not apply
Integration exam 2007 does not apply
Wft exam does not apply 2014

Not all types of diplomas

Some diplomas are not in Mijn diploma’s, even though they are valid. Diplomas from the following programmes are not available in Mijn diploma’s:

  • pre-master
  • post HBO
  • PhD
  • ‘Zij-instroom’ teacher training
  • Industry-based training

Downloading an extract

Log in to Mijn diploma's to download an extract. Only you can log in to Mijn diploma's, not an employer or school.

Log in to Mijn diploma'swith DigiD

Unable to download extract

Failed to download the extract? Then try the following:

  • On your device, go to the 'Documents' folder and then to 'Downloads' or 'Files'. Check whether the file is in 1 of these folders.
  • Preferably use the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers when downloading.
  • Deactivate any plug-ins (e.g. ad blockers or Google Password) before downloading the extract.
  • If possible, try on another computer or phone.

Still unable to download an extract? Send an e-mail to Mention in your email:

  • your name
  • the device on which you are trying to download the extract (phone, tablet, computer or laptop)
  • the browser you use
  • whether you get an error message
  • day and time of the download

Valid proof

An extract from Mijn diploma's is an official document issued by DUO. It is considered valid proof of your obtained diploma, even though it does not look like your original diploma and grade list.

Verify authenticity

A digital extract is a PDF document. The PDF has a blue bar at the top with the so-called digital signature. The blue bar indicates that the document is valid and unaltered, and has been issued by DUO.

You may only use a digital extract for digital purposes. If you print or edit the extract, the document is no longer valid.

No blue bar

The blue bar is visible only on a computer (Windows or Apple), not on a mobile phone or tablet. However, you can download your diploma on a mobile phone or tablet and e-mail it to a computer. The blue bar will be visible there.

Make sure open the extract in a recent version of Adobe Reader. If you are asked to update your list of trusted certificates, click OK.

Grade list

Depending on the diploma, you may also receive a grade list with your extract. Extracts of secondary school diplomas come with a complete grade list, diplomas for secondary vocational education come with an incomplete list of grades, and extracts for various other diplomas are issued without a grade list.

Mijn diploma's for employers

Have you received a digital extract from Mijn diploma's? Check the validity of the extract Link opent externe pagina . This is necessary to prevent fraud. Only accept an extract that meets the conditions.


If you have any questions, please call us on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 12 noon on +31 50 599 77 78. Or send an email to