Applying and making changes

Make sure you send us your application in good time. You won’t get any loan amounts for months that have gone by before you applied.

When to apply

  • Regular education: submit your application before you are due to start your studies.
  • Modular education: you can apply for the lifelong learning credit as long as you are registered for this module.

Applying in Mijn DUO

  1. Log in to Mijn DUO to apply for the lifelong learning credit. You’ll need your DigiD to log in.
  2. Apply for the loan before your study programme starts.
  3. You must reapply for a loan each academic year.

Changing or stopping your application

  1. Log in to Mijn DUO to change or stop your application.
  2. Go to 'Mijn Producten'.
  3. Go to 'Levenlanglerenkrediet raadplegen'.
  4. Click on 'Toegekende bedragen' to change or stop.

Log in to Mijn DUOwith DigiD

No access to Mijn DUO

If you have no access to Mijn DUO, you can use the Applying or making changes or stopping lifelong learning credit form.

Educational module of premaster shorter than 1 year

Students that study for a full year, can borrow 1/12 of the tuition fees each month. So by the end of the academic year they have borrowed the full amount of the tuition fees.

If you are registered for a educational module, or a premaster lasting fewer than 12 months, applying for a tuition fees loan is slightly different. If you apply the regular way, you won’t receive the maximum amount. If you do want the maximum amount, please apply using the ‘Levenlanglerenkrediet voor educatieve module of pre-master’ form. You will then receive more than 1/12 of the tuition fees each month.