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Switching your subscription

Travelling on weekends or weekdays

The student travel product is either a weekday or a weekend subscription. You are automatically allocated a weekday subscription. If you would prefer a weekend subscription, you can switch it for free.

What do you have to do?

  • Log in to Mijn DUO to switch your subscription.
  • Go to 'Mijn prodcuten' and choose 'Studiefinanciering'.
  • Go to 'Reizen' and click on 'Wijzig'.
  • Fill in the date that follows 'vandaag'. The rest is a matter of course.

Twice a year, but not during the summer

You cannot switch your subscription between 1 May and 25 August. You can switch your subscription up to twice a year, but not twice within 2 months. Switching is free.

5 working days

You can collect your new subscription within 5 working days of the switch. Go to to find the nearest pick-up device.


You have 6 weeks to collect your new subscription from a pick-up device. Load your subscription onto your personal OV-chipkaart within those 6 weeks. Once you have collected your new subscription, you can start travelling with it.  


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